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User instructions -- Search for examples of a specific type

This page offers the option to search for examples of a specific type, from a specific language. Both parameters can be chosen in a drop-down field.

The examples are classified according to the type of expression which they exemplify (adnominal intensifier, reflexive etc.). Abbreviations in glosses are normalized (click here for a list of glosses), and sources are generally indicated. Also, there is a 'comments'-field where peculiarities of the specific examples are pointed out.


Example from:Albanian
Nr. of example:195
Example of:reflexive
original:unё e lavdёrova veten
gloss:I it praise REFL
translation:I praised myself.
source:Buchholz, Oda & Wilfried Fiedler (1987). Albanische Grammatik. Leipzig: VEB Enzyklopädie.
comments:e: clitic object marking on the verb; e and veten are third person despite reflexive semantics (see glosses)

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